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- How to Build a Better Tomato Pie -

Tomato season to us is like Soft Shell season is to a Seafood restaurant. Well they’re here, they’re perfect, and they’re ready to get summer started with some good old tomato pie! But that classic recipe is flawed. (Just our humble opinion.) Most of the time you anxiously cut a wedge and a molten lava flow is your reward. And even if, unlike us, you are super restrained and you allow for proper resting, all of that extra tomato water just sogs out your beautiful pastry crust. (Which is of course Scratch made and never, ever, ever ever store bought.) First we tried roasting the Tomatoes to concentrate their flavor. They were delicious, but we missed that super fresh Tomato flavor. Finally, we decided to liberally salt the tomatoes, let them mascerate for a bit, then gave them a trip to the salad spinner to get rid of extra liquid. The result? Night and day. And yes, we could eat these night and day!